Ease of Growing– Easy
Grown as- Annual
Days to Maturity- 65-78 (Spring/Summer)
Growing Habit– Indeterminate
Hardiness- Tender
Crops- Spring Transplant, Summer
Growing Season- Short, Long
Cultivar Type- Late
Growing Conditions- Warm, Hot
Outdoor Growing Temp- 50°F – 95°F
Min Outdoor Soil Temp- 60°F
Start Indoors- Yes
Start Outdoors- Yes
Light- Sun: min. 6 hours daily (Cool, Warm, Hot)
Water- Moderate
Feeder- Heavy
Suitability- Drought tolerant, High heat
Small Gardens?- Yes
Containers?- Yes, but will need a large one, like a half wine barrel
Attracts beneficial insects?- No
Color- Red
Fruit Size- 2.0-4.0″
Plant Height- 60.0-84.0″
Plant Diameter- 24.0-36.0″
Hardiness Zone- 3-11
Disease Resistance
Taste Profile- Excellent canning tomato.