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Registered under Texas Apiary Inspection Service in accordance with the Texas Structural Pest Control Act.

List of counties:

Comanche, Dallas, Ellis, Erath, Hill, Hood, Johnson, Palo Pinto, Parker, Somervell, Tarrant


Bee Removal Services

Welcome to Good 2 Bee Natural  Bee Removal. Call now for a quote!  817-683-4513 some removals are totally FREE. Good 2 Bee Natural Provides customers with fast, friendly, reliable service. Satisfaction guaranteed!  Bee problems will be handled by our qualified bee removal specialist, taking great care of your home you’ve worked so hard for.  We are registered with the State of Texas.

 Why Remove a swarm? 

 You may ask yourself “why pay money to remove the hive when I could just hire a bee exterminator?”

  • Gallons of honey will melt attracting insects, mice & more bees.
  • Black mold will form.
  • Stains from mold will appear.
  • Taking the risk of bees returning to your property due to pheromone scent being left behind.
  • Risking 10-50,000 bees entering the “inside” of your home.
  • Last but definitely not least, Colony Collapse Disorder

Bee removal cost can vary depending on your situation.  There are many different cases to look at such as

  • where the bee effected area is?
  • Is the hive visible or inside a structure?
  • How high up from the ground is it?

In addition to these questions asked over the phone you’ll receive a detailed description of the service Good 2 Bee Natural Bee Removal provides to help you remove your bees.  Your removal will come with a 30 day warranty for any visible hive while 6 month warranties come with any removal inside structures such as walls, roofs, water boxes, ground, and floor spaces. 

Texas Code

As per Title 12 Section 1951.056 of the Occupational Code, registered beekeepers are permitted to conduct bee removals when doing so in accordance with aforementioned section. The Bee Removal Transportation Permit allows beekeepers to transport removed colonies across county lines. As an added service, to both the beekeeper and the general public.